BENEFICIARIES: 150 Childrens of Nilkanth Kanya Vidhyalaya, Singanpore, Surat

TOTAL NO. OF PARTICIPANTS: 28 Students of 1 Year GNM, 29 Students of 2nd Year Post Basie Nursing


Children between the age of 5-17 years are school age children. The importance of health services to be provided to school children by 1 Year GNM (N) and 2nd Year Post Basic B.Sc (N) students have organized school health programme in Nilkanth Kanya Vidhyalaya, Singanpore, Surat. Under the Mentoring of Respected Sir Mr. Jimmy James Mogaria, Principal of T. & T.V. Institute of Nursing, Surat. and Co-ordinator was Ms. Bhumika Chaudhari and assisted by Ms. Jagruti Patel, Ms. Disha Shah and Ms. Bhumika



To perform health screening of school children

To detect any abnormality at its early stage

To bring health awareness in schoolchildren

To encourage children to adapt healthy health habits.

To Inculcate positive changes

to improve positive health among school children.


1st year GNM (N) and 2nd year Post Basic B.Sc (N) Students have performed anthropometric measurement of school children and calculated BMI of children. They also have under taken health screening of students. Total 150 school children were examined. 2 cases of delayed growth, 50 case of underweight students, 20 case of over weight and 78 children are having normal weight. Poster Exhibition also organized on various topics such as:

Nutrition-balance diet, food to be avoided

Functions & sources of macro & micro nutrients

Good habits

Dental hygiene

Importance of sports

Balance between curricular and extracurricular activities

Importance of exercise, meditation

Menstrual Hygiene

Puberty Changes

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