Advance Skill Lab

Advance skill laboratory Help the Nursing Students to learn about the new Technological advancement     change which take place in medical and Paramedical Profession. In our Institute we have developed Advanced skill     lab which include new Developed Equipment a…

Computer Lab

COMPUTER LAB The college has well established computer lab with internet facility which is accessible to all learners to keep themselves updated with the current trends and technologies in nursing. computer lab has 30 computer equipped with internet facilities.

Audio Visual Lab

Equipped with adequate numbers of audio visual aids like Over Head Projectors, LCDS, CDS, charts, models, TV, Music system, Slide projector etc to enhance the learning process. 

Obstetrical -Gynecological & Pediatric Lab

Maternal and child health is of prime attention in our country. In this lab students learns the mechanism of delivering baby, care of babies and mothers and to tackle emergencies through simulators. This lab is designed for students to appreciate the concepts and principles of midwifery and obstetrical nursing. It helps students to acquire knowledge and skills in rendering nursing service to normal and high risk pregnant women to antenatal, natal and postnatal periods in hospital and community settings. It also helps to develop skills in managing normal and high risk neonates and participate in family welfare programmes. This laboratory provide first hand experience in assessment of antenatal case, intranatal case, post natal case, neonatal assessment and demonstration of nursing care and handling problems accordingly.

Community Health Nursing Lab

Community lab is available to develop skills required to work within the rural and urban communities. This Lab is designed for the students to develop an understanding of the recent modern approach to appreciate the principles of promotion and maintenance of health and also identification, prevention and management of common health problems in collaboration with community health team and members of the family and also with community leader, this laboratory, equipped with community bags, for learning bag techniques, and various audio-visual aids related to community health concern.

Nutrition Lab

The course is designed to help the students to acquire knowledge of nutrition for maintenance of optimum health of different stages of life and its application to nursing. It is like a mini kitchen and fully equipped with like food processor, refrigerator and other utensils for practical demonstration of liquid, semi liquid, solid diet and develop the concept of special dietary requirements as per the disease conditions.


This Laboratory is mainly useful to facilitate learning difficult subject like Anatomy & Physiology. It is well equipped with human skeleton, cadavers, 3D model, charts & equipments. Latest CD’s are available for the students to learn the further details about anatomy & physiology.

Fundamentals of Nursing Lab

This laboratory is basically to develop skill in imparting advanced & basic nursing care to patients like meeting personal hygiene needs; elementary needs etc and practicing nursing procedures. The lab has highly advanced mannequin and equipment’s with special features to learn the basic nursing procedures. Special beds like Fully fowler beds, Partial fowler beds and Adult beds. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation can also be learnt on specialized mannequins.

Lecture Hall

College has spacious lecture halls with comfortable seating arrangements. Lecture halls are equipped with current teaching technologies to make teaching learning activities more effective.
Lecture halls are also equipped with advance audio visual aids like OHP, LCD, computer facilities and internet facility.
There are Eight lecture halls each with seating capacity of 50 B.Sc. (N) students & 50 GNM students.


The college has its own buses that ply to and from various vantage points in the city. The College is providing transportation facilities for field visit, community visit & other educational visit with their best transportation arrangement. The buses traverse the city and suburbs and routes are planned with a vivid vision to provide maximum convenience even as they meet students study schedules.


Our library is a quiet that initiates the individual’s to think understand and gain knowledge through reading the books. College library has large collection of books on nursing subjects, journals which help to update the knowledge. Special hours are allotted for maximum utilization of library. We have 3500 books in library


Safe secured hostel is available at college campus for girls only. All corridors and campus is under CCTV surveillance & round the clock security guards for safety & security. Students are also entitled for recreational activities like watching television, indoor games & out door games….

Clinical Facilities

The clinical facilities of Venus Hospital are excellent for the study and care of Patients. The hospital has a capacity of 200 beds with all the Clinical specialities. It offers services in General Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Dialysis Unit, ENT, U…


auditorium is available at college campus with capacity of 300-400 persons. All the day celebrations, annual function, students fresher’s party, student’s farewell party, workshops , seminars, students and parents meeting are conducted here. it is well furnished with big stage facility, sound system, power point, chairs, lights and air conditioners.


elevators are available at all floors of the college with the capacity of 15 persons, for the comfort of the students and faculties.

Emergency Exit

emergency exit is available at college campus.

Fire safety

The fire safety with fire alarms are available in college campus. All the faculties were demonstrated for handling the fire safety equipments. 

Washroom & Hygine area

There are availability of washroom facilities for boys, girls and handicaps with advances system. there is also facility for sanitary pad vending machine and menstrual hygiene area in girls washroom.

Health Service

The College of nursing health services is under the direction of the physician and health nurse. Complete physical examinations are done on admission and yearly thereafter. Immunization is given whenever required. Special drug, tonics, spectacles & dentures are personal expenses. Any excess leave will be deducted from the annual leave. Minimum amount will be charged for Medical Service, yearly basis.

Community Health Experience

Is a part of study programme, students are going to be posted in Rural and Urban areas as per the specification of Indian Nursing Council syllabus.

Venus Hospital is involved in various types of outreach programs like:

  • Cancer detection camp
  • Cleft lip and cleft palate screening camp
  • Eye Screening camps
  • Orthopaedic screening camps(Post-Polio disabilities)
  • HIV/AIDS awareness, testing and counselling programme
  • Community based rehabilitation programme
  • College screening Eye, Dental, and General Health Check Up
  • Improve live hood option through capacity building and networking

Vacation and Holidays

As per the council rules and specification. Generally 4 weeks’ vacation, 10 days sick leave and gazetted holiday will be given as per the policy of institution.


Attendance will be counted as per rule of Gujarat Nursing Council& university.

Teaching Facilities

The College of nursing is also equipped with modern teaching facilities. LCD Projector, Charts, OHP. slides, specimen, models and films are used as aids in teaching. Field trips are made in connection with some courses. In critical subjects the experts are called for the best teaching.