Advance Skill Lab

Advance skill laboratory Help the Nursing Students to learn about the new Technological advancement     change which take place in medical and Paramedical Profession. In our Institute we have developed Advanced skill     lab which include new Developed Equipment and our Lab is based on Various Station. e.g. Equipment and Instrument, Advanced Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Manikin, Crash Cart, Trolley, Advanced manikin on that more than 15 Nursing Procedure can be done e.g. Ryle’s Tube Insertion, Feeding, Stoma Care, Jejanostomy Feeding, Cauterization, Enema, Bedsore Dressing with Various Stages, Injection Sites, etc. even Lab is equipped with Newborn with Photo therapy Unit, Labour manikin with labour Table, I.V. Injection arm with Intravenous line and Blood transfusion set. Before students perform procedure on Human Being they use Advance skill lab for Practice which makes them Perfect & confident.